What is INSTAX? / KAIKO photo albums

What is INSTAX?

INSTAX is a brand owned by the Japanese instant camera company Fujifilm. INSTAX cameras produce instant photographs, much like Polaroid cameras. INSTAX cameras come in a variety of models and sizes, and prints can range from small cards to larger ones that can be used as decorative photos.

Fujifilm has started camera production INSTAX 1998. Compared to Polaroid cameras, INSTAX cameras are more popular in Asia and are also very popular with young people. INSTAX cameras are still in production and available on the market.

The image formats that can be taken with INSTAX cameras depend on the camera model.

The most popular INSTAX camera models produce 54mm x 86mm (2.1in x 3.4in) images, called 'Wide' or 'Mini'.

Other INSTAX camera models produce 46mm x 62mm (1.8in x 2.4in) images, called 'Square' or 'SQUARE'.

Fujifilm has also introduced camera models that produce larger format images, such as the 'Share SP-3' and the 'Wide 300', which produce 99mm x 62mm (3.9in x 2.4in) images.

It is worth bearing in mind that instant photo formats can vary from one camera model to another, so it is worth checking the specifications before you buy.