Handmade photo albums


Limited edition photo albums UPCYCLING.

MINI ALBUMS 10 x 15 cm

The smallest albums in the spiral-bound series.

SMALL ALBUMS 15 x 23 cm

The most commonly purchased spiral-bound album size.

MEDIUM ALBUMS 15 x 23 cm

New spiral-bound album size now available in a range of colours.

What to look for when choosing photo albums?

When choosing a photo album, there are some important factors to consider that will affect the quality of the storage and presentation of your photos. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a photo album:

  1. Cover material: The album cover should be made of a durable and easy-to-clean material that will not deteriorate quickly. It is advisable to choose an album with a fabric cover, a special bookbinding canvas.
  2. Type of paper: The paper in your photo album should be of an appropriate thickness to ensure durability and protect your photos from damage. It is advisable to choose an album with a paper weight of at least 200gsm, preferably with an extra protective coating to protect the photos from fading and damage.
  3. Capacity: Before choosing a photo album, it is worth considering how many photos you want to store in it. There are albums on the market with different capacities, from a dozen to several hundred photos.
  4. Size: Photo albums should be the right size to hold all the photos we want to share. It is advisable to choose an album that corresponds to the size of our photos, or an album of a larger size where we will have more space for decorations and notes.
  5. Orientation: The orientation of the album you choose is also an important aspect. If you have horizontal photos - choose a horizontal album, vertical photos - a vertical album. If you don't know what photos will be in it because you are buying it for a gift, consider choosing an album with square pages.
  6. Type of mechanism: Photo albums are available in different types of mechanism, such as sewn, spiral or glued. It is worth choosing an album with a mechanism that is comfortable to use and will not damage our photos.
  7. Additional features: Some photo albums have additional features such as space for notes, photo pockets, compartments or a place for a signature. It is advisable to choose an album with additional features to meet your needs.

When choosing a photo album, it is important to remember that the album should provide adequate protection for our photos and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.